Uniform Application for Community Scholarships

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Thanks to the Fishers Rotary Club, seniors in the Hamilton Southeastern School district may apply to dozens of local scholarship via one universal application.  Scholarships available to graduating seniors are listed below along with links to the application and deadline information.  For eligibility details for all scholarship, please visit your guidance office for hard copy descriptions of the Uniform Application for Community Scholarships.  If you do not have internet access, please contact your high school’s guidance office.

IMPORTANT:  Only students should set up an accounts and apply for scholarships. Parents may utilize the preview button in order to support their student, but should not register an account. Doing so creates duplicated entries in the system that could result in errors in evaluating your student’s application.  Students are encouraged to apply for all scholarships in which they are eligible.  Simply click on the link to access the application for each scholarship.  Additionally, students are encouraged to apply early.  To protect the integrity of the process, deadlines will not be extended due to uploading, website, or other issues.  If you should have questions, please direct them to hsefoundation@hse.k12.in.us or to your guidance office.

Scholarship awards are issued to the educational institution and mailed directly to students.  Students are responsible for meeting all requirements and deadlines (HSSF Scholarship Award Policy and Procedure).  Failure to do so will result in forfeiture of the scholarship.  Scholarships may fluctuate including, but not limited to, award amounts.  HSSF and our donor partners may choose not to award a scholarship in any year.  Additionally, scholarship offers may be rescinded if student eligibility changes or can not be confirmed.

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Complete the Uniform Application link below.

2019 Uniform Application for Community Scholarships                                       03/27/2019


Review scholarships below to learn about eligibility and application requirements, which may vary by scholarship.  Scholarship applications are not submitted without applying to the individual links below and clicking “submit”.

2019 BSE Luke Butler Senior Scholarship 03/27/2019
2019 Carrie Colglazier Memorial Scholarship 04/12/2019
2019 Charles Leonard Scholarship 03/27/2019
2019 Chasity Bradford Memorial Scholarship 03/27/2019
2019 Chelsea M. Wheeler Memorial Scholarship 03/27/2019
2019 Citizen’s Police Academy Alumni Association Scholarship 03/27/2019
2019 Darrel J. Forsman Memorial Scholarship 03/27/2019
2019 Dr. & Mrs. Malcolm Bray Memorial Scholarship 03/27/2019
2019 Durbin Elementary Scholarship In Memory of Nettie Ann Schembra 03/27/2019
2019 Fishers Dental Alliance Scholarship 03/27/2019
2019 Fishers High School Alumni Association Scholarship 03/27/2019
2019 Fishers High School National Honor Society Scholarship 03/27/2019
2019 Fishers Rotary Club Scholarship 03/27/2019
2019 Fishers SERTOMA Club Scholarship 03/27/2019
2019 Geist Elementary Memorial Scholarship 03/1/2019
2019 Hamilton County Extension Homemakers Scholarship 03/27/2019
2019 Hannah Wilson Memorial Scholarship 03/27/2019
2019 HSE Best Buddies Scholarship 03/27/2019
2019 HSE Education Association Scholarship for People who Intend to Become Teachers 03/27/2019
2019 HSE Academy Scholarship 03/27/2019
2019 Jason Sipher Memorial Scholarship 03/27/2019
2019 Leslie Anne Hulse Memorial Scholarship 03/27/2019
2019 The American Dream Scholarship by Hunter Estate & Elder Law 03/27/2019
2019 Orchard Project Scholarship 03/27/2019
2019 Peterson Family Scholarship 03/27/2019
2019 Richard H. Crosser Memorial Scholarship 03/27/2019
2019 Royals Varsity Club Scholarship 03/27/2019
2019 Saxony/Republic Scholarship for Achievement in the Arts 03/27/2019
2019 Thomas E. Reece Scholarship 03/27/2019
2019 Thorpe Creek Elementary Scholarship 03/27/2019
2019 TigerONE Scholarship 03/27/2019
 2019 TigerTough Scholarship 03/27/2019
2019 Walter F. Kelly Scholarship 03/27/2019