District Initiatives

Hamilton Southeastern is a growing district comprised of 21 schools and nearly 21,000 students!  The Hamilton Southeastern Schools Foundation values programs and projects that have wide impact and reach as many individual students as possible.  To that end, the foundation has supported several district wide initiatives that have benefits to thousands of students.

Elementary Literacy provides best practice literacy assessment curriculum and accompanying professional development to all 12 local elementary schools.

Emergency Trauma Kits provides medical supplies to all school nursing in order to respond to critical injuries.  This project is in collaboration with Fishers Fire Department.

Excellence for All asks the important question, “What does a culturally supported school district look like?”  In effort to answer this question, five local schools attend advanced professional development and conduct data analysis to ensure educational opportunities and resources are available to all students.

FHSE Social Squad seeks first and foremost to reconnect graduates and have fun!   The organization also provides networking and an opportunity to give back to schools that have fueled individual success.

FitnessGram   is a comprehensive health and wellness program that serves more than 8,000 students annually.  Early data suggests a correlation between fitness gains and academic gains for HSE students!

HSE21 enhances project based learning and instruction by incorporating supportive technology.  This program will ultimately serve every HSE student.

Scientech Summer Institute supports local science educators by deepening knowledge of content area.