HSE Schools Professional Honor Roll

The Hamilton Southeastern Schools Foundation (HSSF) believes our world class faculty is our best tool for engaging and inspiring our students.  Consider this: an average high school teacher impacts 150 student per year or 5,250 students over a 35 year career.  That is why. . .

HSSF supports teachers through professional development opportunities and classroom grants.

HSSF listens to teachers by including them on grant selection committees and through board member liaisons.

And HSSF recognizes teachers through programs like thank an educator and events like Mudsock.

Join us in recognizing the 2017 Professional Honor Roll awardees: Kelly Applegate (FHS), John Beeghly (RSI), Carrie Bennett (HSEHS), Dee Beyrer (BSE), Krista Bohannon (RSI), BSE Book Fair Volunteers, BSE Resource Department, Jacquie Carson (HSEHS), Jan Clements (HSEHS), Chris Conway (RSI), Nicole Deguire (FHS), Phil Dankoski (CRE), John Drozd (FHS), Becky Floetker (RSI), Emily Greinke (HPE), Casey Gumina (BSE), Lindsey Grillo (NBE), Christian Hamm (RSI), Lori Hook (FCJH), Hannah Hunt (HSEHS), Adam Jahn (FCI), Greg Johnson (FHS), Natalie Johnson (HSEHS), Mindy Kelly (BSE), Jen Koenig (FHS), Larry Long (HRE Transportation), Britney Martin (FCJH), Nicole Mathews (HSEHS), Lisa Mayhew (FCJH), Megan Miller (HSEHS), Denise Morrissey (RSI), Jenny Nance (RSI), Stacy Peters (NBE), Jenna Pinkston (RSI), Matt Poisel (FHS), Laura Schultz (HIJH), Kristal Sergi (HRE),  Julia Seville (SCI), Michelle Shepherd (RSI), Bridget Smith (RSI), Brandon Spidel (FCI),  Natalie Stoner (HSEHS), Genna Swanson (HRE), Jackie Siwik (BSE), Danielle Thompson (FCE), Mr. Tom (LRE Transportation), Susan Torrence (RSI), Jennifer Torres (HSEHS), Lisa Washburn (FCJH), Ross Wolfe (RSI), Lisa Wright (RSI)

The Hamilton Southeastern Schools Foundation also congratulates the 2016 Professional Honor Roll awardees:  Matt Alhfeld (FCI), Jill Altman (FES Transportation), Craig Blossom (RJH), Betsy Baker (SCI), Brooks School Elementary Library Volunteers (BSE), Mary Carson (RJH), Cathy Cohoat (HSEHS), Angela Compton (FJH), Joni Curia (LRE), Christine Dawdy (GES), Nicole Deckard (GES), Alyson Elder (RSI), Mike Fassold (FJH), Lisa Freeman (RSI), Michael Gear (FJH), Maria Ging (FCE), Traci Gue (HRE), Matthew Harrod (RSI), Heidi Hartman (SCI), Shannon Herring (RSI), Wendy Holsman (RSI), Cari Hudson (FCI), Susan Huppenthal (FHS), Kathy June (HPE Transportation), Brad Lowell (FCI), Michele Meyer (RSI), Emily Mitchell (RJH), Adrienne Moore (NBE), Mrs. Morehouse (DES Transportation), Holly O’Neill (LRE), David Petersohn (FJH), Angela Pfeifer (HRE), Jennifer Pope (FHS), Missy Quinn (RSI), Jeanine Scott (GES), Ryan Setterlof (RSI), Amy Simmonds (HRE), Natalie Stoner (HSEHS), Jennifer Suskovich (SCI), Kirsten Toner (SCI), and Christina Vetter (HPE).

These honorees join hundreds of former colleagues in building the legacy of academic excellence for all Hamilton Southeastern Schools and students.  Their names will be recorded in the  HSE Professional Honor Roll.  Do you have an outstanding teacher or faculty member you would like to nominate? Click Here.